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Our programme

The partnership’s work focuses on identifying a long-term programme of environmental infrastructure to address challenges posed by a changing climate, and to embrace opportunities to deliver mutual benefit across the environment, housing, energy, transport, agriculture and other sectors.

Despite only forming in September 2019, we've quickly gained ministerial support and commitment from a widespread range of partner organisations. In July 2020 ministers awarded us around £40m from a national £200m pot for innovative resilience projects, and a £170m pot for accelerated flood defence schemes.

Around £35m will be used to deliver two water management schemes: the Severn Valley Water Management Scheme and the Tenbury Wells Flood Alleviation Scheme.

An additional £5.4m was secured to undertake carbon offsetting, resulting in significant tree planting and improving habitats and green spaces for local people along the river network. More information on these emerging proposals can be found using the links on this page.

Alongside scheme delivery, a further £1.5m was secured in recognition of the innovative action the partnership is seeking to take to build resilience.

The partnership has been chosen as one of four national pilots to trial and develop new ways of planning ahead, and making wise investment choices based on the long-term uncertainties brought by climate change and around future growth. It will use this money to develop an Adaptive Pathway Plan up to 2100.

Our delivery programme

Now - Accelerator projects (Delivery 2021-2027)

  1. Severn Valley Water Management Scheme
  2. Tenbury Wells Flood Risk Management Scheme
  3. Carbon Offsetting Programme

Soon - Partnership Projects (Delivery 2021 onwards)

  1. More than 200 project ideas collected from partner workshops and engagement
  2. Ranked deliverability and value
  3. Demonstrator Programmes
    1. Driving Resilience and Unlocking Potential
    2. Natural Futures
    3. Hazard to Opportunity
    4. Action on the Avon

Later - Adaptive Pathways Plan (Delivery 2021-2027)

  1. National pilot (1 of 4) - Developing a long term adaptive pathways plan
  2. We will test climate and growth scenarios and whole water management - high and low flows
  3. Identify a flexible management approach to ensure resilience
  4. Early preparatory work started now on methodology
  5. £1.5m secured from April 2021